Vinci PARK v České Republice


VINCI Park is a professional company specialised in the field of parking activities. Nowadays it is placed as one of the most important parking companies worldwide and it is also the biggest in the Europe where operates more than 40 years.

VINCI Park is present in the Czech republic since 1995.

VINCI Park is present in 13 countries where it operates more than 1 514 000 parking spaces.

The turnover in 2012 was 615 million Euros. VINCI employs 12 000 persons worldwide.

VINCI Park partners are close corporation and private investors. VINCI Park can offer to its partners the best solution respecting parking demand and quality of enviroment. VINCI Park designs, finance, builds and operates parking systems and pakring objects.

VINCI Park puts the accent on service. Parking is not only leaving car it's also pleasant experience.

Activities in The Czech republic are reprezented by:

VINCI Park CZ a.s.

Company VINCI Park CZ a.s. is new name for company PARKING PRAHA a.s. which was established in year 2000 to prepare conception, implement and operate an on-street paid parking system and parking lots.

  • 4 203 parking spaces in the parking lots and garages in Prague
  • 30 417 on-street parking spaces in Prague 1, Prague 2 and Prague 7


The company was established in year 1995 to prepare conception, implement and operate on-street paid parking system.

  • 500 parking spaces in car park wich is situated in front of terminals north 1 and 2 of the Prague Ruzyně airport.






Office:   Washingtonova 1599/17 | 110 00 Praha 1 | tel. +420 / 221 666 646 | fax +420 / 221 666 640
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